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It seems the most prominent malware infections I see lately are malwares that pretend to be anti-malware. People try to fix their computer by loading it up with anti-malware programs. The computer somehow becomes slower. The reason is probably that two real-time protections are conflicting with each other. By real-time, I mean, a program that runs and check your system as you open programs and files. Imagine working with two or more bosses. All of them watching you and giving you orders at the same time you’d be frustrated too, so will your computer. So choose one and stick with it or replace it. Don’t run two or more at once.

Then with the computer so slow you load it up with more anti-malware programs increasing your chance of malware infection because it seems that’s how newer malwares find their way. This is not new. It just seems more pervasive as of late. One way of preventing you from installing malware pretending to be anti-malware is knowing what real anti-malwares are. There magazines and websites that review these anti-malware programs. Before you install unwittingly another one, read those reviews. Please. Here is one to start.,2806,4796,00.asp

If you got more than one real-time anti-virus programs running on your system with some exceptions you should uninstall all except for one. The exception is Malwarebyte’s Anti-Malware. This seems to be great at getting rid of Anti-Malware in case your regular anti-virus misses some. The free download allows you to scan the computer and delete infections. A common anti-malware is called Anti-Malware and Error Fix. Notice it doesn’t have any brand name or the maker of the program. This is a sign it is malware.

What’s the difference between malware and virus? A virus is a sub class of malware that can do damage to your computer and duplicate itself when you insert storage device like a USB drive. Malware can include spyware, which may monitor what you do, or adware, which are annoying pop up programs attached to other programs.

So in short know the real Anti-Malwares available and do your research before installing your anti-malware program. Don’t run more than one real-time protection since it may conflict with each other and slow down your system. Have a happy computing!!!

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