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This will be my entry to the new contest AMD is having(4). Hope I win.

What will I do with 48 cores? 48 cores will help out greatly on our first Pinoy open movie project. Pinoy Blender users around the world can participate in the development of this animated short. It is a story about Ferdinand Magellan’s landing on the Philippine Islands.

Before the day Magellan landed on the Philippine Islands, it was simply known as Maharlika. Each island was ruled by different tribes by leader known as datu. On Mactan Island, it is ruled by Lapu Lapu. There were some interisland conflicts which Lapu Lapu was able to overcome. When Magellan arrived on to neighboring island natives on those islands allowed themselves to be taken under Spain’s control and be Christianized in exchange they would conquer Mactan Island. Magellan set off to conquer Mactan Island and is killed by Lapu Lapu on Mactan shore. Magellan’s crew continued on to circumnavigate the world without Magellan.  Lapu Lapu became the first Filipino to resist the Spanish colonial influence.

The project is in its storybook phase. There are design concepts scattered about.  We got the script and a storybook is being drawn (2, 3). The people that contribute to this project do so on their free time and do not get paid. The group has been mentioned by Ton Roosendaal (1), the lead developer of Blender the open source media creation software. They themselves are busy with their own Durian project in Amsterdam and coding the new version Blender 2.50, that’s two point fifty, redesigned from scratch.
If we get this prize, there will be no more reason to procrastinate we got 48 cores to feed.

1.   @10:50

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