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This was my first time at CES. I felt very out of place amongs men in expensive suits. What am I? Just a little blogger. I proceeded to the place anyway. The place took up the Hilton, the Las Vegas Convention center where my High School graduation took place and the Venetian. I arrived early at 7:00 am at the Hilton expecting a large crowd. There hardly anyone in line. Then I preceded to follow the other guest to the opening keynote speakers.

 Opening keynote Gary Shapiro

Gary Shapiro drove into the stage in a FORD car. The main topic of his speech is the role of government and how laws can either hurt or help innovation. He was definately against the bailout. Bailed out companies would have to compete with other companies strugleling with the economy and bailed out companies would have an unfair advantage over those that didn't get bailed out.

 Ford Sync
Ford Sync


One of the car company that had not accepted any bail out from the government is FORD. And they are the next presentor of this keynote. They are presenting connectivity of their cars while minimizing distraction for drivers. They will use in dash display, Voice command, and touch. In other words the GUI, VUI and TUI.

LED lights


Moving on, the immediate booths outside the keynote room was the international booths. It had an area for different Asian country. One for Hong Kong, Taiwan. China. Nothing particularly interesting about it. The one that caught my attention are LED lights. Though CFL, Compact Flourecent bulb was just as low powered, LED don't contain mercury and also LED last much longer. Years longer.


head rest LCD

Crossed the street to the Convention center. Passed by some booths for cars. Found a nice LCD panels to replace the wiplash head rest of your car.

 submerged LCD

There are some LCD displays in an aquarium under water showing its durability against water.


AMD ATI is showing their video card with Eyefinity. This treats the screen in multidisplay as one image.

 nVIDIA overlooking

3D glasses

On the nVIDIA booth they are showing Avatar game in 3D in 3 projector screens. You need glasses to see it. Though the 3D technology was available in the original GeForce card 10 years ago. This one is not out yet at least the 3 screen 3D ones.

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