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I was one of the 40 1st place winner on the wishing AMD a Happy 40th Anniversary contest.


Now my Aunt had a virus on her computer. It only affected Internet Explorer. It would mark certain or random website as dangerous and asking for you to install their antivirusto be safe. They installed and ran several antivirus on but nothing could find to stop it. I r olled back the system using system restore. It still did there. Since it only happens IE then it must be some custimization for IE. I searched for scripting and stuff nothing happened. Then I found Browser Helper Object that can be used to customize IE. I ran IE in safe mode and the virus didn't show up. I disabled one by one some browser helper object in tools, internet options, programs, manage add-on until the virus didn't show. I found it. It was Helper object with a filename msxmlm.dll in system32 directory. I zipped it up with password and sent it to three antivirus companies. They are;; Hopefully it will be found on the next update and scan. It should find it in the recycle bin.


Also I just got home from vacation to Coronado Island near San Diego. I'll post pictures soon. And of course I've been back in the US formore than two months now.

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