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Newer processors  come with a cooling mechanimism that dynamically adjust voltage and frequency depending on the demands of the processor. For Intel it's called Speedstep and for AMD it callded Cool and Quiet. If the computer is idle then the processor throttles down to help lower heat dissipation and electricity.

To enable this function you must have it enabled in the bios, drivers installed for Windows XP and have power scheme that allows for it like "Portable/Laptop" or "MInimal Power Management". You can download the drivers at the AMD website. Also download AMD Power Monitor Version 1.2.3 so you can watch Cool and Quiet in action.

Now in my experience when CnQ seemed to be working fine, when I watched a movie CnQ becomes disabled and stays disabled. It doesn't matter what program I used either Windows Media Player or VLC. I looked some forums and found that others are having the same problem though they seem to not have any solution. I contacted which I found in their contact page. And they said to update my bios and change the ATI Hotkey Poller service from automatic to manual. So I did that and it worked. The thing I noticed about flashing the bios is that the date of computer changes to the day the bios was released and the energy star logo under Monitor Power is gone. You can change ATI Hotkey Poller by right clicking My Computer, selecting Manage and going to Services and Application. Watching videos does not disable Cool and Quiet anymore.

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Fischladen said...
Hey man, you made my weekend, i searched the whole weekend for a solution, installed old ATI drivers, new AMD CPU driver. Absolutely the same problem, i had to go to the energy profile and immediately the CPU speed went into Powernow / Cool 'n Quiet Idle State. You do not even have to chose the profile again or click OK. All the time i wondered why my CPU went on full speed after some time and fan making noise. Now i can watch movies and it still stays at half CPU speed and quiet. I think this is a big issue because many people do not watch their CPU speed in realtime, because they have not such tools. And noone knows why this f@cXing hotkeypoller is needed. Everywhere you read to disable it. ATI has to address this issue! And ATI/AMD are even one company now. But it seems they do not care
November 16, 2008 11:35:48
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