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Awhile back my computer was infected with a virus from a torrent. The antivirus didn't recognize it. The computer crazy. It prompted me to download some programs to remove the virus. It disabled the start menu, hid the disk drives, appeneded virus alert on the system time. It was really bad. Luckily Firefox remembered where the file was downloaded so I sent it to If you have Trend Micro you can send it to Within 15 minutes of sending the download link, I hit the update button and AVG had an update. It cleaned the virus files but the damage was done. I had to reinstall Windows. That was that. Atleast it will be recognized by the antivirus next time it comes.

When you find a virus on your computer and your antivirus doesn't catch it do you send the file to the antivirus company or just say the program is weak? A lot of people say their antivirus is just weak and format their hard drive which leaves the virus unknown to the antivirus peoople. At one time comodo firewall caught a new program trying to access the internet soon as a USB thumbdrive was inserted. Sent that file too. Antivirus didn't recognize it either. So that's it, do send your virus to the antivirus people when you can if it don't get recognize. They recommend you zip it though with a password to contain it. Even a link to where the file was downloaded was good enough.

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dorian said...
err... had same problem. solved it almost manually - scan system with DSS, checked the log, disabled and deleted what was possible manually and for the rest made a script in avenger. took almost 2h but windows was cleaner than before :P
February 12, 2009 06:15:43
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