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Posted By MrPerlishells

The longer I keep firefox running the slower it gets. A lot of times I type something and it a moment to to see the text or if I hover a link there is a significant delay. I suspect it's has to do with flash video player sites like YouTube but even if I close those the tab It is still very slow. I'm going to have to see if this still happens even if  I avoid flash video sites all day.

What I notice is that Firefox can be a memory hog. In IE6 I would run out of disk space because everything is stored into temporary files in the harddrive. While Firefox doesn't seem to be. There is a an option under tools->option->advance->network that will cache 50 mb. Don't know what that does.

Task Manager showing Firefox

Maybe It's just my computer! It's only a 500 mhz PIII with 512 mb of ram. I should get new computer but I'm too poor. That's all for now.




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