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Posted By MrPerlishells

One of my Lucky Me soup was full of ants. Not sure how the ants got in there. If it came in the package or after it was opened. I think it was part of the package.

Posted By MrPerlishells

This is in my mind just now. I remember this from a few years ago. I was getting ready to sleep one night when my monitor started to make a crackling sound like a squeeky door moving back and forth in small steps. The monitor is a big box siting on top of a pivot that is the stand. The monitor kept making the noise a full 10 minutes. The computer and everything was off. The room was quiet except for that sound. Then felt the ground liquefy which was a small earthquake. It was only about a 3.2 magnitude, if I remember correctly, just enough to be felt but no major damage. That's about it.




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