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I've submitted some new viruses to the these Antivirus Companies. I've submitted to Avast, AVG and TrendMicro. Only one replied in both cases. That's AVG. It's nice to know the status of your submition and know your submition matter. Though Avast never replied they have updates that finds these viruses. Avast is what I am using currently.


I was trying to fix a computer with viruses. It had Norton Internet Security 2006 installed. It found 515 viruses but couldn't delete them. The bad part it it would not allow me to manually delete either. I went to Norton's website to see if could find a way to delete them. I got to chat with an agent.  I told her the problem and said a professional can help me for $99. No thanks. I wouldn't pay that. I uninstalled Norton and installed AVG. It found and deleted these viruses. It didn't find as many though. I wonder why.


The result of Norton after a complete scan.

Result of AVG after complete scan.




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