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What would you choose to help protect the environment? If you choose paper then you may be taking part in the deforrestation of natural forrest plus all the chemicals needed to produce paper can harm the environment. If you chose plastic, then you are using up petroleum and plastic take a long time to degrade or it is non-biodegradable. However there is one plant that can be used to make both materials.

This plant has been used for thousands of years and have many known uses. If this plant is used to make both paper and plastic then it could save thousands of trees from being cut down and stop deforestation also the plastic material made would be biodegradable which won't harm the environment.

Other uses for this plant is food (you can eat the seed), medicine (can treat cancer and ADHD) and textiles(the original Levi's was made of this). So you say wow this plant is great, it has so many uses. Another great thing about this plant is it grows quickly meaning it is sustainable. You can always grow more.

The plant's scientific name is Canabis Sativa, it is a type of a tall grass plant like bamboo and can grow almost everywhere even sandy soil without the need for pesticides or fertilizers. The material from canabis is called hemp and the Mexican slang word that was made illegal in the 1930's was Marijuana. Before farmers realized that hemp and marijuana is the same thing it was too late.

With the two choices paper or plastic made from petroleum or trees you're hurting the environment with non-biodegradable trash or by helping accelerate the destruction of forrest. If the paper or plastic material was made from hemp then there wouldn't be a need to worry that you are damaging the environment.




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