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Posted By MrPerlishells

Winners were announce. No luck this time. 48 Cores went to 48 Cores for cancer. 800 entries only one was chosen.

Posted By MrPerlishells

A long time ago, as far as anyone can remember, nobody had grocery insurance. Grocers compete with other grocers for customers this in turn keep the grocer's prices low or at least reasonable. Shoppers can shop at the nearest location or look for a lower priced grocer elsewhere.

Then grocery insurance companies showed up. At first they covered only emergency items which include nonperishable goods and emergency supplies. Items that usually are not needed every day but only on rare occasion like in an emergency. Few people had insurance and everything was nearly as it was. People either shopped at their nearest grocery store or look for a cheaper price elsewhere.

At some point somebody decided that grocery insurance should be offered as benefits by employers. After some time, more people had insurance and insurance covered more and more grocery items. People can go to the groceries, buy a bunch of stuff and pay nothing out of pocket except maybe a small copay. Ironically this copay is about the same price someone pays before insurance became ubiquitous. But nobody noticed because prices has gone up twenty folds and copay looks cheap compared to what someone was to pay without insurance. What was different was that insurance hindered the ability of the consumer to vote with their wallets the price they should pay for groceries. It created a moral hazard for grocery companies to raise prices because insurance companies will pay the bill anyways and pass the cost to the consumer. This caused the prices to spiral out of control.

The government in its attempt to help the poor and/or those that can't afford grocery insurance, stepped up and said everyone will be covered, no one will turned down because of preexisting conditions like being overweight. Everyone gets a food ration. The government decides what you can and will eat. The government will make frequent visit to your fridge at home to check for compliance. If you don't follow their direction you will pay a fine, be put to jail and/or go through rehabilitation.

This is just fiction. There are no grocery insurance as far I know.




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