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This is the best Ron Paul music video I've seen. Share it to everyone.

New extended uncensord version

Posted By MrPerlishells

I've been using a free antispyware program from Zone Labs now for more than two months now. I never thought antispyware was necessary for our daily computing but free is free. A lot of antispyware software are themselve malware. Chris Pirillo read a long list of them. I saw an advertisement on the technology news section for free ZoneAlarm AntiSpyware good for one day on patch tuesday. I clicked the link and signed up.

I downloaded and installed the program. Then I found out it had a firewall. It was wierd having two firewalls running at the same time. All sorts of alerts going on after installing new programs. I uninstalled my free Comodo firewall for now. Maybe until my free license expire.

Zone Alarm AntiSpyware

The firewall works ok. When a new program tries to access the internet it prompts me for it. If a program tries monitor what you type like Messenger likes to do it prompts me. Oh and the icon on the taskbar reflect the trafic on the network with red and green bars so you can see the activity visually.


The antispyware I guess is hard is fine I guess. When it scans the computer it deletes about a dozen cookies when it finishes.

What do you think? Do you use antispyware?




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