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So I got my Absentee Ballot in the mail today. Looking through the list of candidates. The IAP or Independent American Party candidates looks interesting. Researching the candidates now one by one. Project Vote Smart looks like a good site to see where the candidates stand. Chuck Baldwin/Darrel L Castle for the IAP is right at the top of the list. He is the one that Ron Paul directly endorsed.

Posted By MrPerlishells

Posted By MrPerlishells

Saw Ron Paul on Yahoo! Today's Top Searches. Is the media black-out over? Crazy how powerfull the controlled media is. They can pick and choose what they want to show and nobody would even notice.

Ron Paul shows up 4th in the top websearch.

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This is the best Ron Paul music video I've seen. Share it to everyone.

New extended uncensord version

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It's been more three months since my TV broke. So no TV for three months. I have been on YouTube a lot watching scary videos like; Alex Jones: EndGame, Aaron Russo: From Freedom to Fascist, Zeitgeist and lots of Ron Paul clips.

From all the debates the only one that has a clear solution and a historical understanding is Ron Paul. He wants to get rid the Federal Reserve which print money out of thin air loan it to Government with interest. This benefits those that gets the money first while a disadvantage to the rest of us. The videos mentioned above explains it in more details.

It's almost December 16, 2007. Boston Tea Party Anniversary. Donate to Ron Paul.




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