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My old, very old, computer poped its capacitors and I have been without a PC for a month. Got an AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ and a motherboard with the 780G chipset. Here's a quick look with CPUZ.

Processor with CnQ disabled
Processor with CnQ enabled
The motherboard

The Cool and Quiet wasn't enabled by default. I had to download and install the drivers for processor, then choose power scheme other than "Home/Office Desk" or "Always On". For example "Portable/Laptop" or "Minimal Power Management".

This new PC Great for watching movies and getting back to working on more 3D modeling. Next upgrade should be the monitor when it finally goes out.

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Our ceramic filter stoped working. I went to clean but scrubing it didn't get it to work. On closer inspection the thing became solid. It's supposed to be porous such that water can go through but it now look like just a solid piece of chalk.

It's suppose to save money by not having buy filters every few months instead just clean it. We've had those filters working for about a year a year before. Why would it solidify now?

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One of my Lucky Me soup was full of ants. Not sure how the ants got in there. If it came in the package or after it was opened. I think it was part of the package.




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