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I used to get redirected to when I go to on Firefox 3.0.5 and 6. Then lately there was a link on that ask if I wanted to go to the previous yahoo. So I clicked on it and Firefox don't go to anymore. This didn't happen to IE and AVG never found any virus. So I'm glad there was no virus and I don't go anymore when I go to

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Newer processors  come with a cooling mechanimism that dynamically adjust voltage and frequency depending on the demands of the processor. For Intel it's called Speedstep and for AMD it callded Cool and Quiet. If the computer is idle then the processor throttles down to help lower heat dissipation and electricity.

To enable this function you must have it enabled in the bios, drivers installed for Windows XP and have power scheme that allows for it like "Portable/Laptop" or "MInimal Power Management". You can download the drivers at the AMD website. Also download AMD Power Monitor Version 1.2.3 so you can watch Cool and Quiet in action.

Now in my experience when CnQ seemed to be working fine, when I watched a movie CnQ becomes disabled and stays disabled. It doesn't matter what program I used either Windows Media Player or VLC. I looked some forums and found that others are having the same problem though they seem to not have any solution. I contacted which I found in their contact page. And they said to update my bios and change the ATI Hotkey Poller service from automatic to manual. So I did that and it worked. The thing I noticed about flashing the bios is that the date of computer changes to the day the bios was released and the energy star logo under Monitor Power is gone. You can change ATI Hotkey Poller by right clicking My Computer, selecting Manage and going to Services and Application. Watching videos does not disable Cool and Quiet anymore.

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My old, very old, computer poped its capacitors and I have been without a PC for a month. Got an AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ and a motherboard with the 780G chipset. Here's a quick look with CPUZ.

Processor with CnQ disabled
Processor with CnQ enabled
The motherboard

The Cool and Quiet wasn't enabled by default. I had to download and install the drivers for processor, then choose power scheme other than "Home/Office Desk" or "Always On". For example "Portable/Laptop" or "Minimal Power Management".

This new PC Great for watching movies and getting back to working on more 3D modeling. Next upgrade should be the monitor when it finally goes out.

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Computer had gotten very slow it was even difficult to type. It seemed that it was on a "not responding" cycle. It was weird and very frustrating. I haven't formated Windows XP for more than a year. What difference it has made in speed after formating it. Also it gave me a chance to upgrade a new versions of free programs. For example AVG Anti-Virus free released a new version 8. I had been using version 7.5.

Here's a list of free programs for new or newly formated computers.

  1. AVG Anti-Virus Free
  2. Comodo Firewall
  3. Mozilla Firefox
  4. Foxit Reader
  5. Open Office
  6. Inkscape
  7. Video Lan VLC Media Player
  8. Real Alternative
  9. JK Defrag
  10. Azureus
  11. Blender
  12. Mozy Home

Some good place to find free downloads.

  1. Open Source ALTernative
  2. File Hippo
  3. Fosi

 Careful with the last link. These programs should get you productive with your new computer.

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I've been using a free antispyware program from Zone Labs now for more than two months now. I never thought antispyware was necessary for our daily computing but free is free. A lot of antispyware software are themselve malware. Chris Pirillo read a long list of them. I saw an advertisement on the technology news section for free ZoneAlarm AntiSpyware good for one day on patch tuesday. I clicked the link and signed up.

I downloaded and installed the program. Then I found out it had a firewall. It was wierd having two firewalls running at the same time. All sorts of alerts going on after installing new programs. I uninstalled my free Comodo firewall for now. Maybe until my free license expire.

Zone Alarm AntiSpyware

The firewall works ok. When a new program tries to access the internet it prompts me for it. If a program tries monitor what you type like Messenger likes to do it prompts me. Oh and the icon on the taskbar reflect the trafic on the network with red and green bars so you can see the activity visually.


The antispyware I guess is hard is fine I guess. When it scans the computer it deletes about a dozen cookies when it finishes.

What do you think? Do you use antispyware?

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The longer I keep firefox running the slower it gets. A lot of times I type something and it a moment to to see the text or if I hover a link there is a significant delay. I suspect it's has to do with flash video player sites like YouTube but even if I close those the tab It is still very slow. I'm going to have to see if this still happens even if  I avoid flash video sites all day.

What I notice is that Firefox can be a memory hog. In IE6 I would run out of disk space because everything is stored into temporary files in the harddrive. While Firefox doesn't seem to be. There is a an option under tools->option->advance->network that will cache 50 mb. Don't know what that does.

Task Manager showing Firefox

Maybe It's just my computer! It's only a 500 mhz PIII with 512 mb of ram. I should get new computer but I'm too poor. That's all for now.

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This is in my mind just now. I remember this from a few years ago. I was getting ready to sleep one night when my monitor started to make a crackling sound like a squeeky door moving back and forth in small steps. The monitor is a big box siting on top of a pivot that is the stand. The monitor kept making the noise a full 10 minutes. The computer and everything was off. The room was quiet except for that sound. Then felt the ground liquefy which was a small earthquake. It was only about a 3.2 magnitude, if I remember correctly, just enough to be felt but no major damage. That's about it.

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It seems that PLDT MyDSL has some bad IP address. As you know DSL IP address is dynamic and can change any time. If I get connected to a certain address It seems the majority of the internet is inaccessable.

I can get to the main page of yahoo but many pictures will fail to load and all services will be unvailable. These are the bad addresses. I found it by typing speedtouch to my browser and loging in to the modem server.

IP Addresses/Netmasks

I wonder if anyone else have the same experience.



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